Secondary Instructional Coaching

    Why Coaching?

    Yo-Yo Ma has a coach. Rafael Nadal has a coach. World-class surgeons have coaches. Mike Trout has four coaches. Why? Because professionals who aim to become the best in their fields and who desire to stay on top must employ a system of continuous improvement. In the same way as your own voice sounds familiar to you from inside your head, your professional practice looks similar to you every time you see it. It is impossible, therefore, to underestimate the importance of the outside observer, someone who is as equally invested in your success as you are, but who is able to see your work, including possible areas for refinement, through a reflective, non-evaluative lens. As a model for professional development, instructional coaching builds trust with teachers and opens doors to school- and district-wide improvement.

    The Goals of a Coaching Model

    • improved instruction school- and district-wide
    • accelerated learning/narrowed achievement gaps
    • more reflective professional practice
    • teacher-identified, self-directed learning
    • alternatives and refinements to current work
    • identification and procurement of resources
    • student advocacy
    • continuous learning

    Coaching Services We Provide

    • non-evaluative classroom observation and review
    • small-group curricular and instructional planning
    • modeled instruction
    • creation of activities and materials
    • large-group workshops and training sessions
    • book studies
    • multiple online spaces for learning materials, group discussion, and advice

    Areas for Focused Coaching

    • RUSD Framework for Efficacious Instruction
    • Rowland Instructional Models
    • implementation of Common Core shifts
    • strategies and protocols for accountable student talk
    • Webb's Depth of Knowledge and increased rigor
    • higher level questioning and critical thinking
    • student engagement and collaboration
    • differentiation for diverse learners

    Gus Lopez, Secondary Math and Science
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    Patty Mendoza, Secondary ELD, SDAIE and Integrated ELD
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    Katie Elder, Secondary ELA and Social Studies
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