Reset Printing System in OS 10.6


    To reset the print system without using the Print & Fax system preferences, you can follow these steps in the Terminal. This can be done either locally or by logging in remotely via an SSH session.

      1. Stop the CUPS daemon with the following command:
      sudo launchctl stop org.cups.cupsd

      2. Rename the old CUPS configuration file:
      sudo mv /etc/cups/cupsd.conf /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.backup

      3. Restore the default settings file:
      sudo cp /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.default /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

      4. Rename the printers file:
      sudo mv /etc/cups/printers.conf /etc/cups/printers.conf.backup

      5. Restart CUPS:
      sudo launchctl start org.cups.cupsd