Oswalt-Make a New Wiki


    Creating your new wiki or blog is easy once you are familiar with the layout. The video below will take you through the steps to create a new wiki.

    Changing your wiki's avatar is, of course, optional. It does provide a nice branding to quickly identify your wiki.

    Setting the permissions on your wiki is very important. This web server is open to the world and we only want the world to view our creations. Be sure All Guests are always set to Read Only to ensure no unauthorized editing and prevent wiki vandalism. We only want authorized persons contributing to our sites. So we can set All logged in users to Read Only or Read & Write if you'd like your students to contribute.

    For the same security reasons, we set our Comments to Authenticated users because we want to know who is making the comment. This also deters bad behavior.
    Comment Moderation can be set to either All comments or None as long as only authenticated users are allowed to comment. If set to All comments, you, as the owner of the wiki, will receive email notices asking to approve or deny a comment request. This can get a bit tiresome for most people and it's best to set moderation to none.