Apple Configurator Numbering


    Apple Configurator assigns sequential device names to devices in the order they are connected. To make sure they correspond to a label on the device, or to the slot number of a cart or rack, follow these steps.

    1. If desired, label the devices with sequential numbers.
    2. Connect the Mac running Apple Configurator to a USB hub, rack, or cart with numbered slots. Do not connect devices yet.
    3. Open Configurator and click the Prepare pane.
    4. Set the base name for the devices (and optionally the first number to use).
    5. Check the "Number sequentially" check box.
    6. Select Supervision, iOS version, Restore, and Profiles options as desired.
    7. Click Prepare. Apple Configurator will wait for a device to be connected.
    8. Connect the lowest-numbered device to the USB hub, or connect an unnumbered device to the connector in the lowest-numbered slot. The lowest number is assigned to the name of that device as soon as Apple Configurator recognizes it.
    9. Connect the next lowest-numbered device or connect an unnumbered device to the connector in the next-lowest-numbered slot.
    10. Repeat step 8 until all connectors are in use.
    11. If you have more devices than connectors, when configuration of the lowest-numbered device is complete, disconnect it and connect the next device in sequence. Repeat step 10 until all devices have been configured.